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Are you skilled at IT, but unemployed? At Specialisterne we can help you gain a foothold in the job market

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Specialisterne Academy

Specialisterne Academy is a 12 week training program that can help you bridge the gap between an IT education and employment. We have a success rate of 72%.

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Become a consultant

Our extensive collaboration with companies is expanding, which is why we are always looking for people with IT skills. We are looking for consultants with skills in Testing, Data Processing, Development and DevOps.

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We are constantly on the lookout for skilled neurodivergent profiles to match the needs of the companies we collaborate with. Send us an unsolicited application and we will get back to you if there is a match between your skills and the company’s needs.

Meet some of out consultants

Besome a consultant at Specialisterne Solutions

Danish companies have figured out that Specialisterne Solutions can deliver highly qualified IT consultants. Which is why we are constantly looking for new employees for our team of consultants. Currently, we need 5-6 new consultants with IT skills to solve tasks in large, international companies situated in Denmark. Specialisterne Solutions is based in Ballerup, Copenhagen, and the companies we cooperate with are situated all over the Greater Copenhagen area.

About you

You are skilled within one of the four areas that we specialise in: Testing, Data Processing, Development and DevOps. You might have recently finished an education from ITU, DTU, CBS Zealand or Copenhagen University. Or you might be an autodidact, having acquired your skills through self-study. 

Our consultants typically identify as neurodivergent, however, a formal diagnosis is not necessary. At Specialisterne Solutions, we make sure that our consultants are appreciated for their skills while also getting the accommodations they need to thrive.


Why work for Specialisterne Solutions 

  • We match your skills with tasks that fit your profile perfectly

  • You get to work with some of the biggest companies in Denmark

  • You get to hone and enhance your skills

  • You get a healthy work environment and sustainable work hours 

  • We ensure that your boss is welcoming and accommodating

  • You become a part of a global company

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