Management Program

Get the tools you need to manage neurodiverse teams. The Management Program from Specialisterne is designed to give you and your team the benefits of inclusion.

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Get support and guidance on the road towards more diversity and inclusion in your company

The purpose of the Management Program from Specialisterne is to provide your company with the right tools to attract, support and retain value-adding employees. You will be supported and guided on the road towards more diversity and inclusion, and your managers will obtain unique insights into management strategies that help you handle the opportunities and challenges that might occur when working with neurodiverse teams. With the Management Program from Specialisterne, you receive continual tailor-made consultancy and coaching based on your daily work structures.

Liselotte Lyngsø, Futurist and CEO of Future Navigator:

“The workplace of the future needs to be flexible enough to accommodate extreme individualism. This puts extra demands on the shoulders of management. They need to be able to listen to the needs of the individual employee while simultaneously creating a thriving collegial community – all while making sure the company brand remains relevant.”

Management program

Get the tools that will strengthen your management team and help you achieve your goals

As a manager, your employees are your most important asset. No two brains are “wired” in the same way. In fact, you must treat your employees differently, in order to treat them equally. Specialisterne has developed a Management Program that ensures that your company has the right framework for diversity to achieve the benefits of inclusion.

We will heighten your senses as the manager of neurodiverse teams. We work on the internal communication, while aligning expectations individually and collectively in terms of expectations, work planning, cohesiveness, and team dynamics.

All these tools strengthen your management style and help you reach your goals – together and individually.

Who can benefit from Management Program?

The Management Program from Specialisterne is aimed at managers, teams and HR professionals who want to strengthen their recruitment processes with a special focus on the ability to recruit broadly and without the use of unconscious bias.

Doing right by doing good

Neurodiversity is the new trend within the global labour markets. The understanding that diversity is a strength – and a basic requirement – for the development of modern workplaces is increasing, leading to the opportunity of creating both financial and social value.


What do we actually need to change?

The first thing that we need to acknowledge is that all brains are “wired” differently. In other words: No two people think alike, act alike or reason alike. And if you judge the behaviour of your colleagues or your employees based on your own arguments and motives, you are definitely heading down the wrong path. We need more curiosity and less prejudice if we want to understand the qualities that each one of us can contribute with.


We build bridges

At Specialisterne, we build the bridges connecting talents with the need for qualified manpower. We encourage diversity and cohesiveness. We encourage proper leadership. We pave the road for happy and proud colleagues.

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