Specialisterne Academy

Specialisterne Academy is a 12 week training program that can help you bridge the gap between an IT education and employment.

Specialisterne Academy is approved by the Capital Region of Copenhagen (Region Hovedstaden) as a legitimate job training program (Positivlisten for regional uddannelsespulje, RAR Hovedstaden nr. 192)


Specialisterne Academy is a job training program that will get you closer to landing a job. 72% of our candidates get a job after completing their training with us. We are successful because Specialisterne has extensive collaborations with companies who need skilled IT experts. The list of companies includes Danske Bank, SimCorp, SDC, Novo Nordisk, Netcompany, Semler and TDC.

Who can apply?

You can apply for Specialisterne Academy if:

  • You have IT skills within the four areas of expertise that we specialise in: Testing, Data Processing, Development and DevOps
  • You have finished your education or otherwise have relevant training
  • You are motivated to work

The four areas of expertise

Our 12 week training program will hone and develop your skills within one or more of the following areas:

Data Processing

This includes:

  • Manual data processing
  • Automated data processing
  • Data analyst

This includes:

  • Functional testing
  • Technical testing
  • Automated testing

This includes:

  • Junior level
  • Senior level
  • Ekspert
    Indenfor eksempelvis: C#, Java, Python, PHP, Javascript og SQL

This includes:

  • DevOps technician
  • DevOps infrastructure
  • Specialist DevOps manager

About the program

Specialisterne Academy:

  • Lasts 12 weeks
  • Is focused on improving and developing your IT skills
  • Brings you closer to employment
  • During the program we get to know your specific skill set, allowing us to match your skills with the needs of our clients
  • The program is financed by your municipality

New opportunities

During the first four weeks at Specialisterne Academy, your skills within the four areas of expertise will be tested and your specific skill profile will be assessed. Using recent business cases supplied by the Consulting Department at Specialisterne, your skills will be honed and specialised within the area of expertise that best matches your profile. During the program you will also be coached in how to best communicate your skills to future employers.

If relevant, you can get a free certification in Office Azure as part of your training.

A holistic approach

We focus on both your personal, social and professional development as part of your training at Specialisterne Academy.

Are you interested?

If you would like to hear more about Specialisterne Academy or join the program,
contact us using the contact information below.

If there is a good match between us, you can start.

Most unemployed people have access to this course via the Regional Positive List (Regionale Positvliste – Hovedstaden). Ask at your lokal Job Centre. Specialisterne can guide you with the administrative process in relation to the Job Center.

Start date

Next start date
January 2023.

Information to social workers

Specialisterne Academy is approved by the Capital Region of Copenhagen (Region Hovedstaden) as a legitimate job training program. (Positivlisten for regional uddannelsespulje, RAR Hovedstaden nr. 192).

  • Duration: 12 weeks.
  • Price: DKK 39.950. + VAT. (Specialisterne Academy is on the Reginal Positive List and the program therefore only costs the municipality DKK 7,990 + VAT).
  • Attendance: The candidate is expected to attend between 25 and 37 hours a week (Monday-Friday).
  • Candidates: Up to 10 candidates per team.
  • Start date: Next program starts January 2023.
  • Meeting point: Lautruphøj 1-3 A, 2750 Ballerup.

Contact us

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Lautruphøj 1-3 A,
2750 Ballerup

+45 4693 2400

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