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Achieve valid and valuable solutions with IT consultants from Specialisterne. We specialise in Data Handling, Testing, Development and DevOps. We match your specific needs with our skilled consultants.


About the service IT Consultants

Find qualified and efficient consultants for your company

If you need one or more consultants experienced within testing, developing, programming, or handling large amounts of data, we guarantee that can match your specific need. At Specialisterne, we have a broad range of consultants with various skill sets. The consultants from Specialisterne are all experienced analysts, their work is characterised by a zero error tolerance and they are able to focus on their work for a very long time. These are just some of the value-adding qualities that you will benefit from if you choose one of our consultants. No matter your need, we have a Specialist to match.


Customer case: Semler Gruppen

“Very quickly, the consultant detects minor errors in existing or new functions.”


Customer case: SimCorp

“The consultants adopt new knowledge extremely fast and they use it to create new products that are very valuable to us during our current process.”


Customer case: Danske Bank

“The consultant has automated many processes. Now we just have to press a buttons and then the entire reporting process happens automatically.”


A great match between you and the consultant

Our consultants are divided into “The 4 Tracks” Data Handling, Testing, Development and DevOps. Our consultants are usually especially skilled within one of these 4 tracks. Knowing this, we can quickly match a consultant with your specific needs and tasks. The 4 Tracks cover a broad range of fields and you can read more about them below.

Data handling

Do you deal with large amounts of complex data? We assist you in achieving safe and successful data handling processes. This might be in the shape of a Data Processor, a Data Administrator or a Data Architect. No matter your needs, we have a consultant who can help you sort out your needs.


Do you want to make sure that your products and services meet the required expectations? We assist you in detecting errors before your customers do. Within the area of Testing, our consultants can be divided further into Manual Testers, Automated Testers and Technical Testers.


Do you need help developing software in your company? Depending on their skill level, our developers are divided into the categories Junior, Senior and Expert, and no matter your programming language, we can find the right consultant for you. We can assist you with your current software or help you develop new software from scratch.


Does your company need assistance running your systems and IT infrastructure? Our consultants are able to assist you within various areas, including DevOps techniques, DevOps architecture or Build/Release Manager.


Meet Pernille and Tobias, two IT consultants

The Autism Advantage

Meticulous, persistent and innovative consultants

The Autism Advantage are the competences that your company benefits from when investing in autistic or neurodivergent, employees. Like all other people, autistic people posses specific skills depending on their individual interests and skills. However, many share similar skills as they are reliable and persistent, and most importantly — they are innovative. They are the Specialists.

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