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Get access to a pool of unlimited talent through a specialised recruitment process where the results create value – financially and socially.


Unexplored talent for your company

Grundlæggende fisker vi i en sø af uudnyttet talent, der alene i Danmark udgøres af mere end 5.000 dygtige mennesker.

In our Recruitment service, we search out potential employess more meticulously than what you might be used to. Til gengæld kan vi finde dedikerede, loyale medarbejdere, der motiveres af at finde det sted, hvor de kan få lov til at bidrage med deres faglighed, uden hele tiden at blive misforstået eller føle sig forkerte.

We have a 95% employee retention rate on our recruitments.

years of experience

in recruiting dedicated and specialised employees for companies worldwide.


are 10.000 matches between companies and employees across the world.

qualified people

are ready to get a chance to explore their full potential.

Become a part of the solution

Large sections of the global labour market are desperately looking for qualified manpower. Finding qualified IT employees is particularly difficult. Especially because we face smaller future generations of young people, this challenge will only grow over time.

Part of the solution is to re-evaluate the scope of existing job functions and not least by changing the approach to recruitment and management of diverse teams.

In Denmark, several thousand qualified people do not contribute to the labour market today due to the inability to attract, manage and retain them. This is a waste of quality of life, a waste of talent, and also missed opportunities to develop more competitive workplaces.


Do as our co-operation partners do and achieve the benefits of neurodiversity

Novo Nordisk

“From the get go, the recruitment process was so efficient that all candidates were able to do the job during the final 2-week course just using the skills they already had. They were all very talented.”

Copenhagen Airport

“They are not afraid of technology. Whatever we have presented them with, they have just started working on it with eagerness and honesty, and their ability to concentrate over a long period of time is a very useful skill when performing this job.”


“We are seeing a new kind of dynamic within the team. We have new colleagues who see things in a slightly different way and force us to do the same.”


Find de kompetencer I mangler

Mange af vores kunder har efterspurgt kompetencer indenfor IT, test, kvalitetssikring, datamigrering og datavalidering. However, we have also provided engineers, financial analysts, cybersecurity experts and ethical hackers.

Furthermore, we have spearheaded recruitment projects where the companies specifically wanted to utilise the pattern recognition skills that some autistic people have.


An advantage for all employees

The companies that have used Specialisterne to recruit people with autism and similar qualities experience a range of positive side effects, including improved internal communication, increased production, improved sense of teamwork, and a higher degree of dedication to the workplace – and that goes for all employees.

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