Specialisterne Academy Brought Simon Maibom out of Unemployment

3. mar 2022

Specialisterne Academy Brought Simon Maibom out of Unemployment

3. mar 2022 | Academy, IT consultants

It took a bit of time before Simon Maibom was granted access to Specialisterne Academy. However, there is no doubt that letting him join as a candidate was a good investment for all parties involved. Now, Simon Maibom has a full-time job as a consultant at Specialisterne.


From unemployment to full-time work

Before joining Specialisterne Academy, Simon Maibom had spent a couple of years out of employment in the wake of not finishing his degree. He struggled to find his place in the world and subsequently had mental health issues. He did not have an autism diagnosis during his time at university, and that kept him from getting the necessary supports he would have needed to complete his education:

“Up until my final thesis, most assignments at the Computer Science studies were group-based. But we were required to write the thesis on our own. And as I had still not been diagnosed, I did not have the tools needed to structure my time and efforts. At the same time, I moved quite often during this period because I was no longer allowed to live in student housing. I used up all my cognitive resources dealing with this unpredictability.”

Simon Maibom eventually dropped out of university and spent two years within the job centre system without getting anywhere.

Simon brushed up his competencies at Specialisterne Academy

During the two years of being unemployed, his professional knowledge became partly redundant. First of all, he was not using his skills, and secondly, the IT-field was constantly evolving.

Only when he started at Specialisterne Academy did he gain both the professional level and the daily structure needed to land a job.

At Specialisterne Academy, the candidates are asked to solve actual tasks that companies have deposited with the consultancy department at Specialisterne. In this way, Simon Maibom was able to update his knowledge and he tried out his skills on various tasks and potential solutions.

“Brushing up my skills felt good and it was nice to have a daily structure that allowed me to figure out how much I was able to work. in the beginning I worked reduced hours but now I am working full-time. Realising that I was able to handle that was a great feeling.”

Problem solving as a means of motivation

Speaking with Simon Maibom, it is obvious that he loves cracking the code. It makes the tasks meaningful to him – and that is essential to his motivation for solving a task.

“Computer Science is an education focused on problem solving. The training at Specialisterne Academy refreshed those exact skills. And that makes so much sense, because it mirrors how things function at a work place – they need help solving specific problems, and I can do that.”

Specialisterne Academy helps build the gap between an IT-education and employment

The problem solving approach is essential to Specialisterne Academy’s success. It bridges the gap between an education that emphasises theoretical knowledge and the real world, where theory is put into practise.

Through Specialisterne Academy, Simon Maibom feels that his skills have been put to good use in his new job as a consultant for Specialisterne.

“There is such a big difference between the university and the real world. Which is why it is great that Specialisterne Academy exposes us to the real problems and tasks that occur in the companies we could realistically by employed by.”

Without the support from Specialisterne Academy, Simon Maibom would not have landed his job as a consultant for Specialisterne. Today, his primary task as a consultant is building a database for the Copenhagen Business School. The purpose of which is to aggregate data on the trends within annual reports submitted by companies to The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

In the future, Simon Maibom hopes to work with software development:

“I want to do software development, not research. With software development you have a specific problem to solve, and you are tasked with inventing the right tool to fix that problem.”

Specialisterne Academy can help you bridge the gap between your expertise and employment.